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  1. What is a Seminary?
  2. What is Northwest Baptist Seminary?
  3. What is Northwest’s Mission and Vision?
  4. What Programs Does Northwest offer?
  5. How does Northwest Contribute to the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches?
  6. How can Northwest Help You Personally?
  7. What are Northwest Alumni Saying?
  8. How Can You Help Northwest Fulfill its Vision and Mission?

What is a Seminary?

  • a graduate leadership training centre for developing new leaders and assisting current leaders for general and various specialized ministry roles.
  • a group of pastor-scholars working together to develop effective ministry leaders (pastors, missionaries, youth leaders, church planters, Christian counselors, chaplains, Bible translators, evangelists, teachers) through mentoring, teaching, and consultation
  • a research centre helping churches and church leaders find good solutions to new challenges.
  • a place where God’s Word is studied, learned,  processed and applied.
  • a secure place for people to seek and begin to fulfill God’s calling in their lives and pursue personal spiritual formation.
  • a place where Christ and his church occupies central place.

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What is Northwest Baptist Seminary?

  • the Fellowship Baptist church leadership training agnecy located in Langley, British Columbia, on the campus of Trinity Western University.
  • a partner in the cluster of Seminaries at Trinity Western University known as the Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS), forming the University’s Graduate School of Theology.
  • a resource to assist our Fellowship Baptist churches develop leaders to meet their special needs.
  • a great resource from which to gain help for your personal Christian development.

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What is Northwest’s Vision and Mission?

The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada requires many new ministry leaders every year – pastors, church planters, missionaries, chaplains, evangelists, youth pastors, theologians and other seminary faculty. They desire to make a God-honouring impact their communities. Our mission is to serve these churches by

preparing effective leaders for Kingdom ministries through the provision of quality, innovative, biblically-faithful educational programs.

We desire to bring all of our Seminary’s resources to bear on the task of recruiting, equipping and nurturing new groups of effective ministry leaders.

We believe that this focus has the best potential for a significant contribution to God’s Kingdom. If we are successful in following our mission and achieving our vision, our Fellowship of churches will be:

  • Planting new churches
  • Sending more missionaries
  • Supporting new chaplaincies
  • Expanding youth ministries
  • Providing ministries of care
  • Articulating our Christian worldview with conviction and passion

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What Programs Does Northwest offer?

Northwest/ACTS offers the following degree programs: Go to the ACTS Seminaries web-site for full descriptions and requirements.

Ministry Degrees

  • Doctor of Ministry – focus in Leadership and Spiritual Formation
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Arts in Christian Studies
  • Master of Arts in Cross-cultural Ministry

Research/Professional Degrees

  • Master of Theological Studies
  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis

Diplomas and Certificates

  • Diploma in Christian Studies
  • Diploma in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
  • Youth Ministry Leadership Training Program (NBS)
  • Children’s Ministry Leadership Training Program (NBS)
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership Training Program (NBS)
  • Pastoral Formation and Leadership (Korean Language)

Workshops/Conferences/Institutes (occasional offerings)

  • Best Practices for Church Missions
  • Centre for Biblical and Theological Literacy
  • Greek Refresher/Greek for Breakfast
  • Baptist Ministry and Identity Conference (Biennial)
  • Transform, Children’s Ministry Conference (Biennial)
  • Smarter Families Conference (with ACTS)
  • Institute for Contemporary Apologetics (with ACTS)
  • John William Wevers Institute for Septuagint Studies (with ACTS)

Within the scope of these degree programs there are opportunities to study in the following areas:

  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Missions
  • Counseling
  • Bible Translation
  • Biblical Research
  • Leadership
  • Church Ministries
  • Youth Pastor Leadership
  • Christian Worldview Studies (Korean Language)
  • Chaplaincy
  • Contemporary Apologetics

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How does Northwest Contribute to the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches?

  • provides excellent training programs for the development of pastoral leadership for our Fellowship.
  • equips missionaries who can serve in FEB International around the world.
  • trains people to plant churches and support the expansion of our Fellowship in Canada.
  • consults with church leaders, missionaries and other Christian leaders to assist them in their work.
  • serves as a research agency for our Fellowship with reference to theological issues or practical ministry questions.
  • develops learning opportunities for lay people to grow and mature in their faith.
  • networks with our partners in ACTS and brings into our Fellow­ship a significant set of resources to help our churches and their leaders.
  • assists in the planting of new churches and leading of estab­lished churches through faculty and student involvement.

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How can Northwest Help You Personally?

The Ministry Assessment Program (MAP), led by Dr. Lyle Schrag, and linked with Heart for Ministry, a study program, offers you a means to evaluate your gifts, your calling and capacity for ministry leadership. Through this other means we can:

  • provide you with advice regarding ways to equip yourself for God’s service.
  • work with you to locate financial resources to assist in your training.
  • collaborate with your church leaders in providing specific training seminars in your region.
  • recommend learning resources to help you grow spiritually.

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What are Northwest Alumni Saying?

Brent Chapman (Grad 2001) SouthRidge Fellowship Baptist Church “…as I transition into a pastoral position, I can see how God has been preparing me through both life experiences and my training at NBS/ACTS over the last three years. The change from student to full time pastor has already been full of challenges and I have drawn upon many of the insights that I learned through the courses, internship program, and interaction with faculty.” Peter Rytkonen (Grad 1998) Fellowship Baptist Church of Princeton “In addition to having grown in leaps and bounds in my spiritual life during (my) seminary years, I grew intellectually as my mind was stretched and strengthened by the curriculum of the M. Div. program. In hindsight now, I realize my major was excellent preparation for pastoral ministry. It somehow achieved the apparent contradiction of balance in being ‘focused enough’ yet providing ‘enough scope’ for the unpredictable adventures of Church leadership. As for the instruction, I think having professors who have actually “been there” as pastors themselves brought immense wisdom to the classroom. Also, I recognize now that my selection of electives primarily in leadership principles and in counselling have been keys to building prevailing ministry.”

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How Can You Help Northwest Fulfill its Vision and Mission?

Pray that God would raise up a new generation of church leaders for our Fellowship and His Kingdom. Encourage someone you discern to be a person who has the potential and gifts for church leadership. Pray for them and help them to get in touch with us so that we might begin to assist them understand God’s calling and understand some ways to work towards fulfilling that calling. Pray for us. As faculty-pastors we sense the intensity of the spiritual struggle in the development of new leaders for God’s Kingdom. Pray that

  • God would protect us spiritually
  • God would help us to be the very best faculty-mentors we can be
  • God would grant us deep insight into His Word, His Ways, and His Wisdom
  • God would provide the resources we need to complete our mission effectively

Place a high priority on the training of leaders and personally determine to allocate some of your financial giving to the prepa­ration of such leaders. Ask God whether He might want you to improve your ability to serve Him by learning more about the Bible, teaching, discipleship, caring for people, strengthening your Christian worldview.

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