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Northwest’s Mission

 Northwest’s mission is to prepare effective leaders for Kingdom ministries through the provision of quality, innovative, biblically-faithful education. We accomplish this primarily through our leadership development work among the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches, an indigenous, Canadian group of conservative Baptist churches numbering around 500. The Fellowship forms the second largest group of Baptist churches in Canada, with an estimated membership of 75,000. Dr. John Kaiser is our national president. A strong vision for church planting and international missions fuels our growth. Our history as a movement emerges initially in the 1920’s.Dr. Larry Perkins Northwest was founded in the mid-30’s and has been part of Fellowship history since that time.

Northwest Baptist Seminary equips ministry leaders for Fellowship Baptist churches and agencies located primarily in Western Canada. Direct accountability to these churches comes through the election of the Board of Governors at annual conventions of these churches. Prayer and financial support comes from these churches and individuals to assist Northwest in fulfilling its mission and vision. Our primary missionis to help these churches impact their community, by nurturing and equipping healthy, effective ministry leaders.

Nationally the Fellowship annually requires between 75 – 100 new ministry leaders to plant new churches, support missionary work, maintain chaplaincies, replace retiring church leaders, lead camps, provide youth pastors, and other significant roles. Northwest’s goal is to provide at least half of the ministry leadership requirements for our Fellowship churches. To this end we seek to provide significant financial aid to assist Fellowship Baptist members to pursue vocational ministry training.

We offer several creative ministry equipping programs, particularly in Youth Ministry Leadership (YLTP), that enable a person to learn this ministry while functioning as a youth ministry leader. Our innovative Children’s Ministry Leadership Training Program is starting this fall. We are developing in-church ministry leadership equipping processes. Whether you are a volunteer ministry leader or a person discerning that vocational ministry leadership is God’s direction, we want to assist you fulfill God’s calling in your life.