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The Specialization in Children’s Ministry is composed of 12 credits, offered entirely online, at graduate, undergraduate, or not-for-credit level.

Prerequisite for all courses: Reading of Children Matter: Celebrating Their Place in the Church, Family and Community by Scottie May et al.

CHM 591A – Transformational Teaching in Children’s Ministry (3 hrs)

This course is intended to equip the student in the fundamentals required for transformational teaching, taking a broad look at spiritual formation, revelation, and proper hermeneutics and exegesis; learning styles, teaching styles, and educational models; and spiritual growth through curriculum design, planning and evaluation.

CHM 592A – Children in the Family, Church, and Culture (3 hrs)

This course is intended to equip the student to: 1) understand the Bible’s teaching on the role and function of the family; 2) understand the history of children in the context of the church, with particular focus on its teaching on the role, purpose, and perspective of the child; 3) become conversant in the contemporary theology of the church, so that the student can confidently articulate the child’s place in the church family, and effectively re/engage families in the church; 4) understand the affects of social culture (social mobility, peer pressure, bullying, self-esteem, etc.) and cultural influences (media, sexual issues, disintegrating family norms, divorce, and crime) on the child and their spiritual formation

CHM 593A – Spiritual Formation of a Child (3 hrs)

This course is intended to equip the student to: 1) explore the developmental stages of children with a particular focus on faith development stages; 2) study the biblical passages relating to children in regards to spiritual development, disciplines, and practice; 3) study theological issues relating to children including but not limited to conversion, baptism, and communion; 4) clearly and understandably present the gospel to children, ensuring the use of ethical practices; 5) explore the connection between discipleship and discipline in order to foster spiritual development and Christian character in children.

CHM 594B – Dynamics of Leadership and Staffing in Children’s Ministry (2 hrs)

This course is intended to equip the student to: 1) articulate and embody Biblical leadership, particularly Christ’s example of servant leadership; 2) understand and implement self-leadership in the areas spiritual formation, character formation, and the practices of spiritual disciplines; 3) to develop a godly children’s ministry team, including vision casting, recruiting, team building, and conflict resolution; 4) to effectively serve on a leadership team as a children’s ministry pastor through finding a voice on the pastoral staff, understanding gender-related issues, and practicing healthy relationships.

Philosophy of Children’s Ministry Proficiency Paper (1 hr)

This mentored course is designed to allow the student to defend a philosophical basis for children’s ministry based on theological doctrine, educational principles, leadership fundamentals, and the spiritual development stages of a child.

Online Courses

With no travel or weekly class attendance, our courses provide the flexibility necessary for our students to pursue studies. We set the weekly deadlines and due dates, but you choose when in the week to watch lectures, participate in forums, and complete assignments. If online learning is new to you, TWU provides training videos and technical support.

We offer one course each semester as many of our students have responsibilities at work, home, and church. This allows students time to reflect, study, and complete assignments with excellence, not mediocrity.

Course accreditation is through Trinity Western University (undergraduate) and ACTS Seminaries (graduate). To find out at which level you should enroll please contact Nikki Lanigan.

Our Instructors

All courses are taught by specialists in their field, and each course may be taught by more than one person. Our desire is to ask a Children’s Pastor about pastoral aspects, a theologian about theological issues, an educator about learning and cognition theories, etc.

Not-For-Credit Classes

These classes can be taken not-for-credit. Please note the three implications if you choose to take a class not-for-credit:

  1. no academic credit received
  2. no transcript issued
  3. no transferability into academic programs should you one day decide to pursue a degree.









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