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Children’s Ministry in the Church Context

Prerequisite: Read Children Matter: Finding Their Place in the Church, Family and Community by Scottie May et al.


Course Description

This course will look at the perception, role and purpose of children in the context of church from Bible times to present day. It will assess each era in light of that ages understanding of children and the church. A contemporary theology of the church will then form the basis for understanding the current ministry trends and for evaluating current ministry praxis. (Ministry trends to be discussed are individuals with special needs, spiritual parenting, family ministry and narrative teaching.)


Course Objectives


  • Understand the history of children in the context of the church from bible times to present day, with particular focus on its teaching on the role, purpose and perspective of the child in order to articulate the value of a child in the church family.
  • Become conversant in contemporary theology of the church: the church as God’s chosen people, God’s gifted people, God’s sent people and God’s people led, so that the student can confidently articulate the child’s place in the church family.
  • Explore current ministry trends of family ministry, spiritual parenting, and narrative teaching in order to develop an understanding of the churches role in the spiritual teaching of children.

Inner Development

  • Give critical thought to and articulate a personal Philosophy of Children’s Ministry based on a renewed understanding of church, ministry practice, and ministry trends.


  • Develop vision, core values, and objectives for family ministry and spiritual parenting with the purpose of extending your ministry to the families within your church.