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Children in the Family, Church and Culture

Course Description

This course studies the place, role, and influences on a child in the context of family, church, and culture, both historically, and more particularly, in modern day. Much time will be given to understanding Scripture’s teaching on the family, as well as the effects of cultural influences on a child.

Course Objectives

  1. to become conversant in the contemporary theology of the church, so that the student can confidently articulate the child’s place in the church family
  2. to understand the history of children and the family in the context of the church, with particular focus on the role, purpose and perspective of the child and family
  3. to understand the Bible’s teaching on the role and function of the family and church community in the theology of spiritual formation
  4. To understand the perspective of children and definition of family/household in the New Testament and the early church
  5. to understand the affect that cultural influences and social culture have on the spiritual formation of a child, and develop a means to assist children to grow spiritually in today’s world – ex. social media, disintegrating family norms, self-esteem issues, sexual issues (porn is the norm)

Course Syllabus

Graduate syllabus used for Spring 2014

Undergraduate syllabus used for Spring 2014