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Leadership and Staffing in Children’s Ministry


Prerequisite: Read Children Matter: Finding Their Place in the Church, Family and Community by Scottie May et al.


Course Description

The course seeks to further the student’s process of leadership formation by immersing them in Biblical principles of leadership. The course will study the following leadership principles within the framework of Children’s Ministry: servant leadership, self-leadership, team building, developing individuals as leaders, serving on a pastoral team, challenges and stress in leadership, and personal plans for continued leadership growth.


Course Objectives

1)     Discover what the Bible has to say about leadership and most importantly how did Jesus lead?

2)     A deeper understanding of the importance of self-leadership – the inner work.  We will engage in a journey of self-discovery while exploring the following areas: spiritual formation, character formation, cultural affects on leadership development, and the practice of spiritual disciplines.

3)     Develop a process of building a godly leadership team – The outward expression of leadership.  We will look at the following areas: vision-casting, recruitment, team-building, mentoring and conflict.

4)     Understand the important work of developing individuals as leaders – What kind of leaders do we want leading our children?  We will emphasize the same areas as outlined above in #1, but with focus on nurturing others in these areas: spiritual formation, character formation, cultural affects on leadership development, and spiritual disciplines.

5)     Work through the ups and downs of serving together on a pastoral team. We will explore the following: having a voice on the pastoral staff, gender-related issues, and staff relationships.

6)     Challenges/Stress in Leadership

7)     Personal plan to continue to grow as a leader


Course Syllabus

To view the Masters-level syllabus used in the 2013 course, click here.



Deborah Judas is a graduate of the Centre for Spiritual Formation with a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Carey Theological College.  She has always been involved in church leadership, including serving as a Children’s Ministry Director, camp pastor at a summer Bible camp, as well as an Associate Pastor for 6 years in a church plant.  Deborah has a passion for the next generation and has been working with a Leadership Development Resource Group within her denomination that focuses on discovering new ways to disciple the next generation so that godly leaders will emerge.  She has also recently  stepped down from vocational pastoring to answer a call to begin a new ministry in spiritual formation, helping people learn to create space for God in order to pay attention to the work of God in their lives and embrace His invitation to participate with Him.

Deborah is also a busy wife and mom (3 children, 2 dogs).  She enjoys a good cup of coffee, staying active (working out, biking, tennis, waterskiing and the occasional game of street hockey) and can often be found experimenting with creative expression in a number of different ways.