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Transformational Teaching in Children’s Ministry

 Course Description

This course is intended to equip the student in the fundamentals required for transformational teaching, taking a broad look at spiritual formation, revelation, and proper hermeneutics and exegesis; learning styles, teaching styles, and educational models; and spiritual growth through curriculum design, planning and evaluation.


Course Objectives

  • To articulate a theology of spiritual transformation in order to understand the primary dynamics of spiritual formation as a developmental process related to transformation
  • To define a theology of revelation in order to understand Scripture as a cohesive narrative and comprehend God’s redemptive plan
  • To gain proficiency in practice of accurate, clear, and faithfully applied biblical interpretation
  • To understand the educational and philosophical theories behind today’s Children’s Ministry teaching models in order to choose a model that biblically aligns itself to specific church’s philosophy of ministry
  • To explore curriculum – analyze, investigate, and construct – for the purposes of understanding discipleship, learning theory, implementation, and evaluation
  • To study learning styles and teaching methods ensuring accurate knowledge of the audience and effective use of relevant and varied teaching methods
  • To integrate an understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in the process of teaching and learning


Course Syllabus

Graduate syllabus used for Fall 2013

Undergraduate syllabus used for Fall 2013