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The Specialization in Ministering to Women is composed of 12 credits, offered entirely online, at the graduate, undergraduate, and not-for-credit levels.

Dynamics of Preaching and Teaching to Women (3 hrs)

Church based women’s leaders are required to communicate biblical, spiritual and emotional truths in a clear, meaningful and contemporary manner. This course will lead the student to develop strong exegetical, teaching, and communication skills, to women.

Women in Leadership and Administration (3hrs)

This course will undertake a comprehensive study of the leadership, character, and administrative qualities required for effective ministry to and with women. It will include an examination of one’s personal gifting, personality, and leadership style, combined with a study of the female leadership qualities of discretion, modesty, and discernment. Methods for building effective ministry teams and healthy relationships with senior leadership will be discussed.

History and Theology of Women in Ministry (3 hrs)

This course will present an historical survey of women in the Christian church, beginning with an exploration of biblical characters, then moving throughout history to current day leaders. In so doing, we will examine both the theology of women in ministry, including complementarianism and egalitarianism, and the contributions of women to the evangelical church.

Cultural Norms Affecting Women (3 hrs)

This course is designed to lead the student into a deeper understanding of the cultural norms affecting women, including but not limited to: emotional issues, psychological issues, familial relationships, and socioeconomic challenges. It will map out the fundamentals of biblical and crisis counseling in a ‘first response’ situation, and explore strategies for developing healthy relationships for shepherding and discipling women.


Online Courses

Online courses are designed to be taken in the comfort of your home and office, providing the flexibility necessary to pursue studies. Training videos orient students to online learning. Online forums allow for heightened interaction between professors and students. Lectures, readings, and assignments are viewed, read, and completed at a student’s leisure within a stated time period. If you have never taken an online class before, we encourage you to try something new.

We offer one course each semester as many of our students have responsibilities at work, home, and church. This allows our students time to reflect, study, and complete assignments with excellence, not mediocrity.

Our Instructors

Each course is taught by a specialist in their field. Dr. Joanne Pepper (PhD), history and theology; Bev Peters (MA) teaching and preaching; Jane Muema-Ngui (MBAM) leadership and administration; TBA, counseling and women’s issues.


Undergraduate courses are accredited through TWU, and graduate courses are accredited through ACTS Seminaries. To find out at which level you should enroll please contact Nikki Lanigan.





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