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History and Theology of Women in Ministry

Course Description

This course will present an historical survey of women in the Christian church, beginning with an exploration of biblical characters, then moving throughout history to current day leaders. In so doing, we will examine both the theology of women in ministry, and the contributions of women to the evangelical church.

Course Objectives

… to examine the role and work of women in scripture, alongside biblical teachings regarding women, in order to form a solid theology of women

… to study the ministry of prominent women in church history in order to understand the historical significance and contribution of women to the leadership of the evangelical church

… to thoroughly examine and become conversant on the positions on the role of women in leadership in the church: egalitarianism and complementarianism


Dr. Joanne Pepper began her studies at Western Pentecostal Bible College (now Summit Pacific College), then went on to obtain a Master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Further studies at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and fieldwork in Pernambuco, Brazil, led to the completion of her Ph.D. from the University of Warwick, in Great Britain.

Having lived and worked in numerous missionary contexts, she brings expertise in biblical studies and contextualized theology, missiology, and world faiths. Joanne’s heart is that individuals with a vocational calling would share a concern for presenting the biblical Christ to all peoples, embracing cultural diversity as a God-given opportunity for varied and significant ministries to arise from within the local church to reach friends and neighbors–and ultimately, the world-at-large.

Dr. Joanne Pepper has served as Dean of CPS since Fall 2004.As well, she has served on the faculty of Summit Pacific College and Trinity Western University.

Joanne is married to Slava Petlitsa, who shares her heart for celebrating all cultures. Together they have been involved in ministry in Eastern Europe and Central America, and serve in a local Spanish congregation in Abbotsford, BC.