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Women in Leadership and Administration

Course Description

This course will undertake a comprehensive study of the leadership, character, and administrative qualities required for effective ministry to and with women.

Course Objectives

… to gain a holistic understanding of the qualities of godly female leadership, including the values of discretion, modesty, and discernment

… to increase the student’s leadership effectiveness through examination and understanding of personal gifting, personality, and leadership style

… to study methods for the effective building, sustaining, and multiplying of church based women’s teams and leaders

… to understand and practice the necessary elements for healthy advocacy for ministry to women and healthy relationship with senior church leadership

Professor: Jane Muema-Ngui

Jane comes to us with over ten years of experience as a University Lecturer teaching cross-cultural Christian leaders. Her area of expertise is Leadership, Administration, and Ministry marketing. Currently she works with Intercultural Network (IcN), a division of Power to Change as Ministry Development Coach. She heads the African Women Heart’s Engaging Network (A-WHEN), a team of women committed to connecting other women to Christ.

Jane’s personal experiences with the North American education system, her work with culturally diverse communities, and various women leaders has equipped her to teach on the importance of developing a healthy ministry.

She ministers and mentors church and community women through personal training, workshops, seminars, and conferences on how to bring positive change to their personal lives through the transforming Word of God. Her style enables women to develop their leadership skills by applying theory to practice. This in turn allows them to critique, problem solve, and modify their practice of leadership to the demands of church or community. This disciplined approach helps the leader to develop an appreciation for the integration of skills, discipline and a Christian worldview.