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MACS – Children’s Courses

Children’s Track Overview   |   Admissions Requirements   |   MACS Course Overview

The following series of courses in Children’s Ministry are offered by Northwest Baptist Seminary, through their partnership with the Centre for Ministry Excellence. Upon completion of 12 semester hours in Children’s Ministry, you will have met the specialization requirements of the Masters of Arts in Christian Studies offered by ACTS Seminaries. Registration for these classes is done online through TWU’s Student Portal.

CHM 591A, CHM 592A, and CHM 593A are online courses offered on a two-year rotation. Courses combine textbook readings, lively forums, online lectures, and relevant assignments.

CHM 591A – Transformational Teaching in Children’s Ministry (3 hrs)

This course is intended to equip the student to: 1) promote the spiritual growth of a child through faithful biblical interpretation, narrative teaching, and curriculum design, planning, and evaluation; 2) investigate various methods and perspectives of Children’s Ministry educational models; 3) understand, appreciate, and evaluate the role and character of a Christian teacher, integrating an understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in the process of teaching and learning.

CHM 592A – Children in the Family, Church, and Culture (3 hrs)

This course is intended to equip the student to: 1) understand the Bible’s teaching on the role and function of the family; 2) understand the history of children in the context of the church, with particular focus on its teaching on the role, purpose, and perspective of the child; 3) become conversant in the contemporary theology of the church, so that the student can confidently articulate the child’s place in the church family, and effectively re/engage families in the church; 4) understand the affects of social culture (social mobility, peer pressure, bullying, self-esteem, etc.) and cultural influences (media, sexual issues, disintegrating family norms, divorce, and crime) on the child and their spiritual formation

CHM 593A – Spiritual Formation of a Child (3 hrs)

This course is intended to equip the student to: 1) explore the developmental stages of children with a particular focus on faith development stages; 2) study the biblical passages relating to children in regards to spiritual development, disciplines, and practice; 3) study theological issues relating to children including but not limited to conversion, baptism, and communion; 4) clearly and understandably present the gospel to children, ensuring the use of ethical practices; 5) explore the connection between discipleship and discipline in order to foster spiritual development and Christian character in children.

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CHM 501 – Theory and Theology of Learning (3 hrs)

The Church stands as the most unique community of learning in the world. Everything that occurs within her vision is about learning: whether worship, teaching, mentoring or serving. The former Catholic Pope, John Paul II wrote, “catechesis is the whole of the efforts within the church to make disciples.” The very mission of the church is to “make disciples by teaching them to obey all that I commanded you.” Therefore, this course asks a fundamental question, “What does Christian learning look like; and, how do people of all ages learn about God?” CHM 501 reviews historic patterns, recent trends, and theological assumptions of what has been formerly called “Christian education.” In essence, how do people of all ages learn about God and their own spiritual journey? Although required for all students in the ACTS MACS (church ministries), CHM 501 is also highly recommended for others who will serve the broad educational needs of the local church.

CHM 595 – Mobilizing and Serving Volunteers (3 hrs)

This course helps participants sharpen skills related to recruiting and serving their volunteers in ways that help volunteers live out their calling with excellence and a deep sense of fulfillment while making an important contribution to the ministry or program in which they volunteer.

Tuition for CHM 591, CHM 592, and CHM 593. 

Courses offered through the Centre for Ministry Excellence are offered at a reduced ACTS tuition rate. The rate for May 2012 – April 2013 is $322.50/credit hour.