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MACS Children’s Ministry Track

Children’s Ministry Courses   |   Admissions Requirements   |   MACS Course Overview

The Masters of Arts in Christian Studies offers a series of focused courses in Children’s Ministry, applicable as a concentration within the Church Ministries specialization. The courses are designed to strengthen and empower children’s ministry leaders for the purposes of communicating the gospel to children and equipping parents to take an active role in the spiritual formation of their children. The courses prepare skilled and capable leaders through research and training in theology, teaching, leadership, and child development.

Pairing the MACS degree with the Children’s Ministry courses enriches the student’s understanding of scripture, theology, and leadership, enhancing the student’s breadth of knowledge, and broadening their skill base. In addition students will:

  • Acquire a thorough knowledge of the biblical passages relating to children in regards to spiritual development, disciplines, and practice
  • Study faith development stages in order to assess the spiritual understanding of children
  • Understand the perception, role, and purpose of a child in the context of the church, family, and culture, and how each of these affects and influences the other
  • Recognize the role of parents as the primary spiritual teachers and nurturers of their children
  • Engage in lively interaction with professors and children’s ministers on all topics of Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry courses are offered through the Centre for Ministry Excellence (CME), a school of ACTS Seminaries and Trinity Western University. No application to the CME is required for current ACTS students. Course registration is completed through TWU’s online Student Portal, the centralized system for all ACTS course registrations. Credit is automatically transferred into your MACS degree.