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The following are a variety of resources that are available specifically to alumni.

Welcome Alumni

Welcome Alumni! We want our website to be a great resource for you. Click on the links to the left or follow the tabbed menu at the top to select areas of interest to alumni. Please share with us your suggestions for its improvement.

Northwest is enjoying its 71st year of educational ministry. During these decades more than 3,000 people have taken programs and graduated. You, as one of our alumni, represent a great Kingdom force that God continues to use for His glory around the world. Our mission continues and new graduates enter into their Kingdom assignments every year.

Northwest continues to prepare ministry leaders, in collaboration with four other Seminaries in the Associated Canadian Theological Schools. We offer eight graduate degree programs and a variety of executive certificates in specialized areas of ministry leadership (e.g. Children’s Ministry, Youth Leadership, etc.). Our programs continue to enjoy the highest level of accreditation for theological education, through our association with ACTS and Trinity Western University.

We are developing new ways to serving our churches and their people. We established “The Journey”, a graduate leadership development centre in Edmonton, together with our churches in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and two other Seminary partners. The new MA in Marriage and Family Therapy is now serving students. The “Best Practices for Church Boards” workshops provide a valuable, non-formal means for local church leaders to enhance their spiritual leadership capacities.

Our faculty roster changes from time to time because of retirement and other reasons and so those under whom you studied may no longer be in our employ. However, we invite you to  connect with our current faculty. They are more than willing to assist you as best they can.

Please keep us informed about your families, your ministries, and the achievements that God enables you to experience. We are interested. It is an encouragement to us to know that the opportunity our faculty, staff and board members have had to assist you for Kingdom work continues to have an impact.May God continue to bless you, and through you many others.

Larry Perkins, Ph.D.