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The Centre for International Leadership Development provides resources for your church in the areas of missions, cross cultural issues and other related training.

Assisting Local Churches towards effectiveness in Canada’s multicultural environment

Northwest Baptist Seminary and Fellowship International Ministries have a goal of providing quality support and resources to our FEBBC/Y churches in the area of cross-cultural ministry and intercultural relationships.

Download the Making a Cross-Cultural Impact church track brochure which outlines ways we can help churches fulfill their missional agenda in our multi-ethnic society.

Download the Making a Cross-Cultural Impact individual track brochure for an individual approach to developing skills in cross-cultural ministry. This page describes several opportunities from entry level experiences through to a degree program.

Click on the following links to explore the ways FEBI and Northwest are available to enhance your church’s ministry in our multicultural environment.

Workshops, Seminars and Interactive Programs:

  • Nurturing Intercultural Health in the Church:
    • Part 1: Understanding Cultural Dynamics
    • Part 2: Discovering your own cultural orientation
  • Principles for effective Cross-Cultural outreach
  • Setting an Intercultural Agenda for your Church
  • Develop a Portfolio of Cross-Cultural Experiences with a small group from your church.
  • Putting Missional in your church’s vision: Thinking like a missionary in Canada

Key Resources designed to help churches become effective in Canada’s cultural mosaic.

In contrast to the program oriented, expert dependent approach to evangelism, consider the grass-roots evangelism process, Significant Conversations, which provides support for people as they engage in significant spiritual conversations.