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The following are a variety of resources that are available for you to use in your church to help your church grow and be the healthy body of believers you long for it to be.

Church, Marketplace and Mission Conference

A conference designed to help Christians in business to develop a keener passion for impacting their marketplace with the Gospel – with some immediate applications.

This conference was provided for:

  • Church leaders (pastors, etc.) who want to challenge their church members with new missions opportunities.
  • Business people, business students, and employees – challenge them with the opportunities in business as mission and marketplace ministry.
  • Missions leaders and missions students – challenge them to consider developing ministry plans that would include business as mission.

List of the day’s presentations

(Some of the sessions were videoed – click on the ones that have an active link to view the video)

8:30 – 8:45am — Opening remarks by Dr. Ken Radant

8:45 – 10am — First Plenary: Dr. Neal Johnson — Business as Mission – A New Missions Frontier – (BAM PowerPoint)

10:15 – 11 — Morning Workshops:

Track One: Mission and the Local Church — Changing Paradigms — Dr. Joanne Pepper (Associate Professor of Global Missions, TWU/ACTS)

Track Two: Marketplace Spirituality – Gerry Organ

Track Three: Apologetics and Ethics in the Marketplace — Dr. Paul Chamberlain (Associate Professor of Apologetics) – (Apologetics PowerPoint)

11:10 – 12:15 — Second Plenary:  Gerry Organ — Marketplace and the Believer – (PowerPoint)

1 – 2:00 — Third Plenary: Dr. Neal Johnson: How the Church Engages BAM –  (BAM Models PowerPoint)

2:15 – 3 — Afternoon Workshops

Track One: Business as Mission — Making it Happen – Dr. Neal Johnson – (PowerPoint)

Track Two: Church Leaders and the Entrepreneur: The Challenges & Opportunities of Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit.- Dr. Rick Goossen – ()

Track Three – Marketplace — Borderland of Christianity and Culture — Dr. Bruce Guenther (Associate Professor, Church History and Canadian Evangelicalism) – (Theological Perspectives PowerPoint)

3:15 – 4 — Panel Discussion chaired by Dr. Larry Perkins.

Participants — Dr. Neal Johnson, Gerry Organ, Dr. Rick Goossen, Dr. Bruce Guenther, Dr. Joanne Pepper, Dr. Paul Chamberlain