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Healthy Churches

The following are a variety of resources that are available for you to use in your church to help your church grow and be the healthy body of believers you long for it to be.

The New Missionfields: Agents of God in the Marketplace Conference

Sometimes Christians struggle to discern how to integrate their faith commitment with the opportunities and demands of their workplace so that God’s grace and the Gospel are evident. This conference sought to affirm that Jesus is Lord also in the marketplace. The presenters explored why this is the case, what it means for Christian vocation and missions, and how the church can encourage believers to be God’s agents in the marketplace.

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Bruno Dyck

Full Professor at I.H. Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba. Researcher and author of many articles on management and is currently finishing a book that identifies a biblical view of management based on the Gospel of Luke.


Dr. Richard Blackaby

President of Blackaby Ministries International and author of “God in the Marketplace” and co-author of “Experiencing God.” He speaks internationally on the Christian life, spiritual leadership and revival. He mentors leaders through the Spiritual Leadership Network and he works with Christian CEOs of major companies in the United States.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary 1:  “Luke on Management: A 1st Century Lens for the 21st” by Dr. Bruno Dyck


Plenary 2: “Meeting God in the Marketplace – is it possible?” by Dr. Richard Blackaby


Plenary 3:  “Luke on Management: A How-To Guide” by Dr. Bruno Dyck


Plenary 4: “Serving God in the Marketplace – is it possible?” by Dr. Richard Blackaby


Breakout Sessions

Morning Breakouts

1. “Risk and Faith” by Lachlan Whatley


2. “The Gift of Knowledge. Shared” by David Brett


Afternoon Breakouts

3. “Pastoral Dimensions of Church/Marketplace Connection” by Gordon McDonald


4. “A Vision for People in Marketplace Ministry” by David Collins