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Immerse Training

Church-Based, Mentored
Ministry Leadership Development.

Immerse Instructional Seminar
Public Registration

The Immerse Instructional Seminars are specially crafted 2-day teaching blocks that have been developed for the students in the Immerse program. Northwest Baptist Seminary has opened the following four seminars to the public.

Our typical cycle will be:

  • Studies in the Gospels and ACTS with Dr. Larry Perkins (November)
  • Theology of Leadership with Dr. David Horita (February)
  • Theology of the Trinity with Dr. Archie Spencer (April)
  • Studies in the Prophetic Literature with Dr. Howard Andersen (June)

The cost for each seminar is $95 per event (a lump sum fee of $295 will cover all four events – one year’s worth of seminars.)

You can register here for the next seminar which is:

Studies in Prophetic Literature with Dr. Howard Andersen
and is scheduled for
June 6 & 7
from 8:30AM to 4:30PM
Fosmark Room 232


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