Application for Graduation

Northwest Baptist Seminary students approaching the end of their academic program must apply to graduate. This gives the Registrar the opportunity to do a program audit for the student and to confirm whether or not the student is eligible to graduate.

The graduation fee is $200 and will be charged to your credit card when this application form is submitted.

Application for Graduation

The following information will be sent directly to the Northwest Baptist Seminary Registrar's office for processing.

First Name
Last Name
Student ID
Immerse students you can find your Student ID number at the top of your portfolio page. Other programs your Student ID number will be on your student card.
Which graduation date are you applying for?
Your name as you would like it on your diploma
This helps Northwest avoid spelling mistakes or name order problems.
Current Address

Graduation Ceremony and Materials Information

Will you be physically attending the graduation ceremony?
Have you ever graduated from either NBS or NBC before?
Have you ever applied for graduation before?
Your height (in centimeters)

Credit Card Information

First Name On Card
Last Name On Card
Card Type
Card Number
Expiry Month
Expiry Year
Card CVV

Billing Details

Street Address
State or Province
Zip/Postal Code
I herewith make application for graduation, pay the $200 graduation fee, and confirm that the above information is complete and correct.