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The role of Coordinator for International Leadership Development was created to serve Fellowship Baptist churches on behalf of both Fellowship International (the Fellowship Foreign Mission agency) and Northwest Baptist Seminary. Mark Naylor has served as the Coordinator for International Leadership Development since 2003. His responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating the professional development of Fellowship missionaries and the training of national church leadership in their countries of service.
  • Stimulating and recruiting people connected with FEBCC for potential cross-cultural and missions involvement.
  • Assisting FEBCC churches to develop and train those who desire to serve in cross-cultural ministry through the Cross-Cultural Leadership Development Program.
  • Providing support to local churches in the areas of cross-cultural outreach and the development of healthy intercultural relationships. This includes improving the effectiveness of Short Term missions teams and encouraging our churches towards significant cross-cultural ministry.
  • Giving seminars and workshops on missions and cultural issues, including perspectives on Islam, Bible translation and doing missions in the local church.
  • Coaching churches in the area of missions and evangelism (Significant Conversations).

Mark, along with Karen, his wife, has served in Pakistan among the Sindhi Muslim people for fourteen years with Fellowship International, doing evangelism, church planting and leadership development. He continues with his responsibilities as the supervisor and primary exegete for the Sindhi Bible translation projects. Mark’s primary role is to assist FEBI and NBS in applying the learning resources of our extended Fellowship community for the further development of our cross-cultural ministry leaders whether in Canada or serving around the world. You can connect with Mark in his role as Coordinator for International Leadership Development through the following means:
Office Phone: 604-888-7592
Home Phone: 250-652-6226.

As of the fall of 2011, Mark has been appointed as a vice-president of the Evangelical Missiological Society for the Canada region.

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