Northwest is on Google Apps

We’re pleased to announce that Northwest now has access to Google Apps for Education and with that Google Plus! Google+ is a social media tool that introduces new ways for our Northwest community to connect, communicate, collaborate, share, chat, and email.  (Click the image below to enlarge the view.)


You will need an account which will be supplied to you by the Registrar’s office. If you do not have one yet please contact the registrar at
registrar [at] nbseminary [dot] ca.

Instructions can be found in the left sidebar
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Here is an overview from Google:

  • Help: Any time you need help specific to Google’s Apps you can access Google’s extensive help system. We have also included a number of pages on this website with YouTube videos on various aspects of Google Apps. Check the left sidebar for the links.
  • Gmail: At the core of Google Apps is their email system. You can manage all of your email directly online or you can use any third party email client either on your computer or your smartphone. Help for setting up your email.
  • Docs and Drive: Google Drive is a document management system in the cloud which synchronizes with documents on your local machine or handheld. You can create and manage any or all of the following in Google Drive:
    • text documents (like Word documents),
    • presentations (like PowerPoint),
    • spreadsheets (like Excel),
    • and more.
    • Help can be found here or in the pages and videos we have mounted on this site (see left sidebar).
  • Calendar: Google’s calendar is a powerful application for managing collaborative schedules, dates and events. Help can be found here.

Google+ Feature highlights

  • Google+ Profiles: Create a profile with information about yourself. For example, you can add information about your classes, campus activities or groups, projects, and expertise. You can choose which information is visible to others inside or outside our institution. The only exception is your name, which is always publicly visible. Learn more about Google+ Profiles
  • Circles: Share information with specific people by organizing your contacts into circles. For example, create circles for friends, classmates, courses, projects, or special-interest groups on campus. Learn more about circles
    Also, when posting content, you can quickly share it with everyone at our institution, even if you haven’t added all of them to a circle, by choosing [institution domain name] from the list of sharing options.
  • Streams: You receive posts from others in your stream. This is where you can find and engage with content that’s shared with you. Learn more about streams
  • Hangouts: Connect and communicate with your Immerse mentors and your fellow Immerse students in multi-way video rooms called hangouts. Hangouts provide screen sharing and integrate with Google Docs for collaborative editing. When you start or join your first hangout, you’ll be prompted to install the Google Voice and Video Chat plug-in for your web browser. You’ll also need to connect a webcam and use a computer microphone (preferably a headset). Learn more about hangouts
  • Picasa Web Albums: Because Google+ uses Picasa Web Albums for photo sharing, we’ve also turned on this service for your Google Apps account. When you share photos, they’re stored in Picasa Web Albums, which you can access at
  • Mobile access: You can use Google+ on mobile devices, using either a native app or a mobile web browser. Learn more

If you have questions or need help with Google+

Make sure you check out these other Google+ resources:

If you need additional assistance, contact us at:

Northwest Baptist Seminary
Phone: 604-888-7592
Email: registrar [at] nbseminary [dot] ca

Enjoy using Google Apps for Education along with Google+!