Children’s Ministry


The Specialization in Children’s Ministry exists to strengthen, empower, and mentor Children’s Ministry Leaders by providing the theological teaching, leadership training, and skills preparation necessary for the ministry of the gospel to children. Whether taking these courses on their own, or combining them with a practical ministry degree, you will benefit from the knowledge gained and the skills learned.

Students enter in cohorts in the fall and commit to two years of:

  • live-stream lectures
  • online forums
  • readings
  • mentoring
  • assignments

Learn from specialists in the fields of Children’s Ministry, leadership, education, and theology. Have meaningful conversations on pertinent topics. Inform your mind through current thought and classic writings. Participate in a mentoring relationship, developing personal, spiritual, and ministerial accountability. Enhance your abilities in Children’s Ministry through practical, relevant, and applicable assignments, many completed specifically within your local church.

We invite you to come join us.


Search around. You’ll quickly discover that ACTS/TWU is one of the only schools in Canada offering a specialization in Children’s Ministry where all 12 credits are specifically focused on Children’s Ministry.

  • 12 credit hours, 6 per year
  • Offered at both the bachelor and the master’s level
  • Backed by the highest level of theological accreditation in North America (ATS)

The courses can be applied as specializations in:

  • Immerse
  • ACTS Master of Arts in Christian Studies
  • ACTS Master of Divinity
  • ACTS Diploma in Christian Studies
  • TWU Bachelor of Leadership
  • Columbia Bible College Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
  • The specialization can also be transferred to other institutions providing the student has sought permission of their institution’s academic dean and achieves required grade levels.

Not-For-Credit: If you desire the training without the university/seminary credit you may participate as a not-for-credit student. You will complete all assignments and be graded on a pass/fail basis. Please note the implications if you choose to take the specialization not-for-credit:

    1. no academic credit received;
    2. no transcript issued;
    3. no transferability into academic programs should you one day decide to pursue a degree;
    4. retro-active credit cannot be given nor can courses be challenged.


Tuition: The following rates are applicable for the September 2017 – April 2018 academic year:

      • Graduate: $352.50/credit hour
      • Undergraduate: $372/credit hour
      • Not-for-Credit*: $254/credit hour
      • Audit: not available

Application: New cohorts begin in September. Students must apply to enter the Centre for Ministry Excellence of ACTS/TWU by contacting, or calling Nikki Lanigan at 604-888-7592. You will typically hear back within 48-72 hours. Once your application has been processed you may register for classes.

Course Registration: Graduate course registration is online at the TWU Student Portal. For undergraduate course registration email to obtain the registration form.

Contact: Program Coordinator, Nikki Lanigan, P: 604-888-7592, TF: 1-888-402-3477, or use the contact form below.


Each course will teach on various aspects of Children’s Ministry while considering the heart and skills necessary for strong Children’s Ministry leadership.

Course 1: Children’s Ministry: Creating a Culture, Understanding a Culture

This course will examine the leaders role in creating a culture, understanding contemporary culture, and changing a culture. In light of these, we will examine: 1) the worldview and culture of a child and the implications this has for outreach and evangelism; 2) the ‘relational’ culture of a child from family systems to anxiety and depression, and the affect these have on spiritual development; 3) and the child in the Old Testament and New Testament, placing the child in the culture of the church.

Course 2: Children’s Ministry Foundations

In both leadership and Children’s Ministry certain theological and philosophical foundations must be understood to allow for effective gospel communication. Hence, we will consider the importance of paying attention to our relationship with Christ, creating space in our lives for worship and study, and cultivating rhythms for spiritual discipline. We will: 1) study the developmental and spiritual developmental stages of children; 2) establish parents as the primary spiritual teachers for their children, and consider ministry to families, and 3) study the Bible’s teaching on biblical discipline, applied both within the home and in the classroom.

Course 3: Spiritual Formation of a Child

This course recognizes that the spiritual growth of those being served by a ministry/leader, is often reciprocal to the spiritual state of the leader themselves. Hence, we will look at the building blocks for spiritual leadership and self-leadership. In turn we will 1) examine the spiritual lives of children considering discipleship and worship; 2) conversion, baptism and communion in regards to children; and 3) look at Children’s Ministry administration including volunteers, vision, values, and objectives, as these directly relate to developmental discipleship strategies for kids.

Course 4: Teaching, Learning and Supportive Care

This course will consider the more tangible aspects of Children’s Ministry leadership: practicing exemplary leadership, mentoring and developing others, communication, authority, and conflict resolution. We will look at the practical side of Children’s Ministry programming from teaching and learning styles, to curriculum, to children with supportive care needs.

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