Context-Based Ministry Leadership Development

Great leaders are essential, but they can be hard to find. If the church is going to be able to fulfill its mission, it is going to have to accept its responsibility to identify and develop those people who will lead them in the future. Typically, churches have contracted this function out to the seminary, which they have seen as a kind of factory outlet for pastoral leaders. The results have been predictable.

Immerse offers a better way. Northwest Baptist Seminary and Fellowship Pacific have come together, leveraging their collective strengths to produce a fully church-based training system, unlike anything in the world. Through Immerse, a robust new cadre of leaders has emerged, offering hope for the future of our churches and our movement. Now, several other networks have come together to adopt the Immerse platform, including Baptist Housing, Fellowship International, SemBEQ, and more.

Some of the features of the Immerse program are:

Fully Accredited Master of Divinity

Students who come with the necessary prerequisites are able to earn a gold standard MDiv degree for the work that they do under their mentors in their context. This program has been vetted to the highest standard by The Association of Theological Schools, the premiere accrediting body for theological schools in North America.

Fully Context Based

The Immerse program is delivered entirely in the context of the local church or ministry with only brief visits to campus for instruction. The best place to learn to lead the church is the church.

Mastery Model

Students earn credit solely by proving their mastery of the program outcomes. Knowledge, skill, and character are shown before the students get the grade. No courses – only outcomes.

Mentor Managed

Students are surrounded by a three-person mentoring team, featuring an academic expert, an on-the-ground pastoral mentor, and a big-picture mentor from the broader network. Together this team works to direct, assess, and encourage the student.

Integrated Curriculum

Outcomes integrate bible, theology, and practice so that learning is holistic. Students learn to reach, disciple, and multiply on a personal, relational, and structural level, through mastery of the necessary convictions, capacities, and character traits.

Rigorous Assessment

Students are thoroughly assessed before being granted admission to the program. Progress through Immerse is carefully observed and managed so as to assure that resources are well invested in the people God has called. Churches and mentors are assessed to insure that students are placed in the best possible environments with the best possible guides.

Financially Responsible

Believing it important to keep students free from debt, the Immerse program takes advantage of efficiencies so as to keep tuition and costs affordable.


Northwest Baptist Seminary admits qualified women and men of any race, nationality or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made to students.

This program is not for everybody. This system works for self-disciplined people who are deeply committed to their Lord, their gifts, and their callings, and who have shown such to us in their life to date. We are looking for such people – great students, great churches, great mentors, and great friends who would support this work with their giving and with their prayers. If any of this describes you or someone you know, contact us at

If you represent another school, denomination, or network and want to know how Immerse could be offered to your people under your brand, we would love to talk to you also.

Here is an Adobe Slate presentation of Immerse:Immerse


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