Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Theology #3

Reason #3.

Philosophy Needs Theology

Why do we need theology when we already have philosophy? Precisely the reason we need theology! Theology, at a minimum, is a constant reminder to human wisdom that a transcendent judgment stands over all human attempts to arrive at God through pure human sapentia alone. God’s wisdom stands over against human wisdom. The real basis of human wisdom as such must be found in God’s own self-revelation. Thus theology must be the real ground of all love of wisdom.

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One thought on “Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Theology #3

  1. Cam

    So, if I’m reading this correctly, you are saying that philosophy “needs” theology like an errant schoolboy needs to feel the sting of the principal’s strap from time to time to keep him humble and remind him of his place.

    Even if I agreed with this analysis, it certainly can’t be the primary reason that philosophy “needs” theology. In fact, I’m not even sure it is helpful to speak of the disciplines in this way. For as much as philosophy might need theology, theology certainly needs philosophy, lest the principal become too enamoured with his power and think he is beyond error or above reproach.

    Both are human disciplines and prone to error. But in terms of conceiving of a relationship between the two, isn’t it better to think of them as two helpful disciplines, with one being the culmination of the other (like Aquinas did). Thus does theology still come out on top, but not to rule it over philosophy, but to supersede it and fulfill it.

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